MAAW_Vocal Animal image templateRosey Skinner – Mt Alexander Animal Welfare

We’re staying local!

Last year, when RSPCA Victoria announced they would be closing their beloved Castlemaine animal shelter, the community came together to take on the running of the facility.

We catch up with one of the MAAW shelter managers, Rosey Skinner, who shares how the seemingly impossible has been achieved.

In a very short time, an organisation has been formed, a council pound contract negotiated, a compliant cat shelter designed, a fundraising op shop opened and a fully-functioning shelter is now in operation. Incredible.

Keeping animal care local is crucial in reducing the stress experienced by the animals being rehomed and reclaimed.

Listen to the podcast to hear how MAAW was able to pull off this amazing feat… and, importantly, how you can help MAAW to continue doing what they do so well; caring for our local animals.

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