ASK Blue_Vocal Animal image templateVICTORIAN KANGAROO PET FOOD TRIAL – What you need to know.

Marcus Ward, Australian Society for Kangaroos committee member, joins us to discuss the Victorian kangaroo pet food trial.

The Victorian Liberal party began the trial four years ago. The Victorian Labor government extended the trial and added additional regions.

Is a profit-driven commercial kangaroo meat industry operating in Victoria under the guise of an on-going trial?

Listen to the podcast  to find out why the Australian Society for Kangaroos believe the trial is ‘unsupervised, cruel and unhygienic’.

Australian Society for Kangaroos website

Australian Society for Kangaroos Facebook page

Producer’s note:
Kangaroo is often put forward as a ‘sustainable’ meat.

Given that over 600 million land-based production animals (chicken, cattle, sheep, pigs) are killed each year in Australia for food production, kangaroo populations would be eradicated in a very short period of time.

Livestock agriculture relies on manipulating the reproductive cycle of domesticated animals to increase production. This is not possible with native, wild kangaroos.

Kangaroos have their first young at around 3 years; they can raise one joey per year; joeys are dependant for 18 months; joeys have high rates of mortality.—myths–legends…

On average, modern sows have 10 piglets per litter and have 2.4 litters per year.


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