DGimesy_Vocal Animal image
Photo credit: Doug Gimesy


Enclosed opera house yabby nets are notorious for drowning air-breathing mammals, such as the platypus and the rakali (Australia’s otter equivalent!)

On assignment to photograph platypuses, Doug became aware of the issue, helped form the Alliance and swiftly secured a ban. Sounds easy? It’s all about strategy.

Doug talks us through why opera house nets are devastating to platypus populations and shares insights into the Alliance’s winning campaign.

Still more to do! Let’s make the ban national.

ACTION: Sign the petitions

Queensland https://chn.ge/2KavPWN

Tasmania https://www.change.org/p/hon-guy-barnett-ban-the-sale-of-opera-house-nets-in-australia

As mentioned in the interview, Professor John Thwaites’ presentation – ‘Selling the Dream’  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zcLu728ffA



Doug Gimesy is a zoologist with a Master of Environment and Master of Bioethics. He is also an award-winning wildlife and conservation photographer contributing to National Geographic, Australian Geographic and the New York Times.

To find out more about Doug and view his photo-documentaries, visit http://gimesy.com/


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