MTCAS_Vocal Animal image templateMarch to Close All Slaughterhouses – Melbourne – speeches

On Saturday June 16th, Melbourne joined the annual global event calling for a future without slaughterhouses.

Marches were held in over forty cities around the world; Brussels, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Dublin, Helsinki, Zagreb, Buenos Aires, Brisbane , Sydney and more.

March to Close All Slaughterhouses – Melbourne Facebook Page





MC Dr Ash Nayate welcome speech

Dr Ash Nayate website


Mo Orr – Co Founder of Vegans in Toowoomba &  Farm Animal Rescue Outreach Coordinator

Vegans in Toowoomba Facebook page


Ollie – Founding member of Animal Liberation Youth Reboot


Apoorva Madan- clinical psychologist and an Adelaide-based animal rights advocate

Animal & Mind website


Patty Mark – Founder and Vice President of Animal Liberation Victoria

Animal Liberation Victoria website


Dr Ash Nayate closing speech – Declaration of Animal Rights

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