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BRUCE POON – Australian Animal Justice Party
ROSEY SKINNER – Mt Alexander Animal Welfare

Bruce Poon is the President and Victorian Convenor of the Australian Animal Justice Party.

The Animal Justice Party represents the interests of animal in politics, including:

• Actively contesting elections, thereby demonstrating that voters care about animal issues

•Lobbying for the adoption of animal-friendly policies by other political parties

•Providing a political focus for those animal issues that other parties ignore

For those new to the concept of a political party representing animals, this is a perfect introductory interview.

Following Bruce, at approximately 10:25am, we will be catching up with Rosey Skinner, one of the shelter managers at Mt Alexander Animal Welfare Inc, for an update on how this inspiring organisation is assisting animals in our shire.

AJP National website
AJP National Facebook page
AJP Victoria website
AJP Victoria Facebook page

MAAW Website
MAAW Facebook age…/

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