MThieme Blue_Vocal Animal image templateMarianne Thieme – Dutch Party for the Animals – Voiceless Law Lecture Series

Animals have traditionally been overlooked in politics, resulting in laws that fail to protect them from exploitation, abuse and neglect.

Marianne Thieme is a lawyer, activist and leader of the Dutch Party for the Animals.

In her 2016 keynote presentation at the 2016 Voiceless Law lecture Series she considered her role in shaping the animal protection debate in The Netherlands and across the globe, and how playing politics is essential to deriving positive legal reforms for animals.

Vocal Animal would like to thank Voiceless for their permission to broadcast of this presentation.

Dutch Party for the Animals

Australian Animal Justice Party

Voiceless Animal Protection Institute YouTube channel

Voiceless Animal Protection Institute website

Voiceless Animal Protection Institute – What is Animal Law?


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