VALE Blue_Vocal Animal image templateDr Sue Foster – Vets Against Live Export

After yet another live animal export ‘disaster’, Dr Sue Foster takes us behind the headlines.

Vets Against Live Export was established in response to the 2011 Four Corners ‘A Bloody Business’ expose of the Australian live cattle trade to Indonesia.

As the nation tried to make sense of government-sanctioned, live export industry standard practices, it was evident that there was a lack of objective scientific analysis of animal welfare issues in the live export trade.

Finally, there seems to be a glimmer of meaningful and considered political action on this issue with the Federal Labor party announcing they are committed to banning long-haul live sheep exports and Liberal MPs breaking ranks to introduce a bill to see an end to the sheep trade.

Vets Against Live Export

Vets Against Live Export Facebook page

Animals Australia live export investigations…/live-export-investigation…

Join the over 300,000 people who have taken action:

Animals Australia Take Action website…/live-export-shipboar…/


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