Pen_Vocal Animal image templatePen Farthing – NOWZAD Afghan animal welfare

This is a bit of a throwback!

Pen and I are trying to align our timezones to do a catch up interview. Tricky!

Until then,  it’s worth listening to his 2013 interview.

While servicing in Now Zad province in Afghanistan back in 2006, Pen Farthing was befriended by a street dog …. that is how it all began.

Today, Pen is the chairman and founder of Nowzad, an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of animals in Afghanistan.

Nowzad also assists military service men and women who have befriended a dog or cat to be reunited back in the soldier’s home country. A logistical nightmare that beats the odds and delivers; over 500 dogs and cats have already been rescued and rehomed.

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